Corridor Plaid Flannel Indigo/Clay

This yarn-dyed plaid is pretty interesting - at least in the way that we make it. Individual cones of cotton are dyed with natural indigo. These cotton yarns are loomed together with a clay tone to create the fabric. The shirt is then sewn and washed to bring out the contrast of the natural indigo- making each shirt unique. Sometimes indigo has a hyper-masculine bent, but this shirt manages to walk the line of both understatement and overstatement.

Made responsibly in India
Model Measurements - 6'2" x 190lb wearing a Medium
Fabric Milling: While based on a standard heritage plaid, this fabric was designed and milled exclusively for Corridor by the Original Madras Trading Company, a 100-year-old textile and shirt maker.
Responsibility: What does responsibility mean? People talk a lot about transparency and sustainability. I think the sum is responsibility. For Corridor, this means that we actually work in the factory with the tailors every season to create the garments and ensure the workshops are environmentally certified (ISO-9001) and socially accountable (SA 8000). You can feel good knowing where and how the garment was made.

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